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Design de site para sociedade de medicina desportiva.
Website design for sports medicine society.

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→ Casa no Tempo por Aires Mateus & João e Andreia Rodrigues. 

Poderia escrever sobre esta fantástica requalificação, localizada perto de Lisboa, pelo João e Andreia Rodrigues em parceria com o atelier Aires Mateus, mas, parece-me que não é necessário. Certo? Através das imagens, conseguimos ter a percepção da beleza e dos excelentes pormenores que a compõem. Aquela piscina, aquela cozinha, aquele fogão de sala, os alçados, as caixilharias, os materiais, enfim… tudo parece perfeito.

Abaixo, palavras dos autores ao site Thisispaper. Take a look

“Casa No Tempo” has been in the family for many years. It was our granddad’s will that we look after it until the next generation. Being aware of his vision we tried to aim higher, connecting the past with the coming future, leaving out the marks of time, in search for a peaceful and timeless place. Our main concern was to have the house open to the vastness of the property and welcome Nature’s gifts through the large windows of every room. All floors are paved with local clay blocks (heated in winter); fully equipped kitchen is integrated in a beautiful white marbled structure, open to the dining table in front of a huge window overlooking a 400sqmt swimming pool; Lounge is a luminous area with white sofas and a beautiful fireplace corner. One thousand acres of cork trees, pastures, wild fields, two dams, five ponds, streams and brooks. Here and there timeless granitic stones outcrop the green and stand by the trees or water as nature’s random signposts, inviting guests to explore and journey through the welcoming flat land. And, at last, there is star watching at night when all the lights go off over «CasaNoTempo». Then, you finally will understand why we have called it «TimelessHome».

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